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The Chinon Parchment


Image of The Chinon Parchment
  • Image of The Chinon Parchment
  • Image of The Chinon Parchment

PLEASE NOTE**** You must choose either English or Latin Version.
Here is our reproduction copy of the famous Chinon Parchment found in the Vatican Secret Archives in 2001 by Barbara Frale. The Chinon Parchment gives enlightening information on the secret rituals of the Knights Templar and according to many, absolved the leadership of the Templars from the charges brought against them.

The document is available in both English and Latin versions. When ordering, choose which version you prefer.

Cardinal seals are attached to the bottom. These seals are made from wax have been painstakingly researched so that the correct image can be displayed. The ones provided by the Vatican are made from aged seals whose image cannot be readily seen. The document itself is joined together in three sections, forming an overall document of approx. 17" wide and 34" long.

Great memorabilia related to the Knights Templar and much more affordable than the copy the Vatican offered for several thousand dollars a few years back. Of course, ours is not exact to the original but will be a great addition to any group portraying the Knights Templar or for a wonderful conversation piece.

The document will be shipped rolled with red textured paper cuffs to hold it closed. Seals will be draped on top for shipment. To open, simply slide off cuffs and unroll. If you wish to frame this document, special framing will be needed to accommodate the seals.

Please note that this sale is for one copy of our Chinon Parchment reproduction in English OR Latin (You must enter quantity (2) and leave message to receive both versions). All other items shown in the photograph are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking!