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Medieval Letters Patent (Title)


Image of Medieval Letters Patent (Title)

Have you ever wanted to be a Knight? A medieval Lord? Well here's your opportunity! Just let us know the title you wish to have conferred upon you and we will make it happen. Please understand that we cannot grant you an actual title nor will we provide one that is in current use. If you need help in finding a title, we'll be glad to research it for you and find one that is no longer in use. For Coats of Arms and Land grants, please see our other listings.

Please note that the issuance of this title is for historical novelty purposes only and does not grant one the legal right to use it in day to day life. You are responsible for knowing the laws concerning such titles in your area and any repercussions in their use.

As this is a custom work, we ask that you enable site notifications or check your messages frequently as we will want to confer with you in the documents construction. Normal size for such a document is 11" x 17" printed on parchment. We will upload you a photo of the finished document before we ship. We can usually have this done within 3 days. Sometimes, due to the complexity of your project, it may take longer. If so, we will inform you. Artwork in listing photo for illustration purposes only. Thanks for your interest.