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Letters Patent


Image of Letters Patent
  • Image of Letters Patent

Here we offer a title of nobility issued from the legendary Kingdom of Prester John. Please contact us with the title you wish to have conferred. The wonderful thing about nobility issued from the Legendary King is that he was not beholden to any spiritual or temporal authority.

The document is printed on large size 11" x 17" on either ivory or gold parchment and is suitable for custom matting and framing at the frame shop of your choice. The Great Seal of Prester John, constructed in gold wax will hang from the bottom by a cord.

Please note that this document will be shipped flat with appropriate protective packing via Priority Mail. Please specify if you prefer to have the document rolled with a textured paper cuff to keep it from unrolling. Note that if framing, flat shipping may be preferable.

Also, please note that as Prester John was a legendary Christian ruler of the Middle Ages, the document will necessarily contain some Christian iconic imagery used in the King's Coat of Arms and Seal. This in no way reflects a preference of the Christian faith on the part of the ownership of this site nor is it intended to reflect negatively on any other faith or lack thereof.

This sale for the Letters of Patent document issued by the legendary Prester John. All other items in the photograph are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale.

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