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King Henry II Customized Documents


Image of King Henry II Customized Documents

The husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine and the father of King Richard the Lionhearted, Henry would become a most controversial King with the controversial slaying of Thomas Becket. Henry had eight children and much striving would take place amongst the siblings for land and power. Said by his chroniclers to be red-haired, good-looking and freckled, he had a short stocky body with legs bowed from riding. Often he was shabbily dressed. He was famous for his piercing stare, a hot temper and times when he would not speak at all. He understood a number of languages but only spoke Latin and French. As a young man, he enjoyed hunting, warfare and adventurous pursuits but as an older man, he turned his attention to administrative duties. He was probably the first English King to use a heraldic design, that of the lion. In his later years, he would face the Great Revolt, an uprising by his eldest sons and would be defeated by them and succeeded by his son Richard I.

During his reign, Henry issued many edicts, documents and Letters Patent. You may know of a particular document you wish created or you may wish to imagine one of your own. Either way, we can make it happen. Please note that we can recreate known copies in Latin and French but all customized work will be done in English. The Seal shown above is actually a double sided seal that will be hung from the bottom of the parchment with cord as was done with actual medieval seals.

Document size can vary but should probably be larger from 11" x 14" to 11" x 17" or more. We'll work with you to determine what size document will be best for your project. As this is a custom work, please enable your site notifications or check your messages often as we will probably wish to consult with you from time to time during creation. Before shipping, we will upload you a photo of the final document for your approval. Thanks for your interest.