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King Fulk of Jerusalem Customized Document


Image of King Fulk of Jerusalem Customized Document

King Fulk of Jerusalem was originally Count of Anjou but relinquished this title to his son Geoffrey when he went to Jerusalem to marry Melisende, the daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem. Fulk and Melisende would become joint rulers of Jerusalem in 1131 upon Baldwin II's death. However Fulk was implicated in an assassination attempt upon the Count of Jaffa and after that time, Fulk relinquished much of his control to his wife and Queen Melisende.

Fulk is credited with issuing a number of documents during his reign, including the establishment of lands to the Order of St. Lazarus. Message us with the details of your specific document. The large seals above are double sided - his seal as King of Jerusalem. The smaller seal is his seal as Count of Anjou but lists "Andecavorum" as he was born in Angers, France, the tribal home of the Andecavi, a Gaulish tribe. It is believed that Fulk sometimes still used this seal as King of Jerusalem.

For medieval styled documents, we recommend larger sizes of parchment from 11" x 14" to 11" x 17" or larger. As this is a custom work, we ask that you enable site notifications or check your messages as we will want to confer with you during the document's construction. Before we ship, we will upload you a photo of the finished document.

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