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Eleanor of Aquitaine Custom Document


Image of Eleanor of Aquitaine Custom Document

Eleanor of Aquitaine was Queen Consort of France and England and Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right. She was one of the most powerful and wealthiest women in the High Middle Ages, led armies and was the leader of the Second Crusade. She was the mother of the famous Richard the Lionheart and the wife of the King of France and the King of England. Her first husband, Henry II of England had her imprisoned for nearly 16 years for supporting his son Henry's revolt. Her son Richard finally released her when he came to the throne.

Here we offer a custom document issued by this famous woman. You may wish it only as a collectible or as a prop for the SCA or historical reenactment. Please note that the wording will be in modern English unless you provide the translation to use on the document.

Eleanor's seal is double sided, bearing her likeness and her series of titles. Normally this seal will hang from the bottom of the document suspended by cord. Being that Eleanor was a ruler in her own right, she would have been able to offer knighthoods and land grants among other things.