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Coat of Arms Granted by the King Prester John


Image of Coat of Arms Granted by the King Prester John

Please note that the above image is only an example. Your Coat of Arms will be constructed to your specifications.

I've always been fascinated by the medieval period and of course, Prester John as well. Long ago, whilst studying for a University degree in history, I read about the Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, recognized by King Fulk of Jerusalem in 1142 and recognized by the Papal Bull Cum a nobis petitur of Pope Alexander IV. These knights suffered from the leprosy disease, known today as Hansen's Disease. In constructing my own Coat of Arms for Sir Thomas the Wanderer, I envisioned Sir Thomas as a knight of St. Lazarus, who ventured from the Holy Land to seek out the legendary Prester John and found him! Of course, Prester John is said to have in his possession many biblical treasures such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Perhaps it was in the presence of the Holy Grail that Sir Thomas was healed or perhaps he, like Galahad was given a chance to look into it.

The Coat of Arms above is argent, a bordure embattled vert with the Grail central. On either side, is the Jerusalem Cross, a sign from where Sir Thomas has come seeking healing. Above is the Cross of Cavalry with two Knights of St. Lazarus worshiping at the foot of it. The motto is "non omnes vagantes aberrant" - "not all who wander are lost".

This is a custom designed Coat of Arms and one can be designed for you as well. If you have an idea of the type of image you wish to create, message us and we will work on creating a suitable symbol for your needs. The Coat of Arms will be displayed prominently on parchment with a brief description of what it means. Thanks for your interest.